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If you have an item you want listed on the Classifieds pages, you have to follow these guidelines: (1) make sure the item has a Vancouver or BC connection (located in BC or Vancouver); (2) do not create duplicate listings; and (3) if you list in the Merchandise category, make sure your listing is for a specific item, not a generic listing to promote your product, service, business or website. If you violate any of these guidelines we will ban you from making any listings in the future without any further warning.

We want to try to keep our listings local so if you have an item that does NOT have a Vancouver or BC connection, don't list it here. There are plenty of free generic online classifieds you can list at such as please try

To place a listing, just fill out the information below. After you have entered the information below, it will automatically be listed in the category you have chosen.

You can edit the listing later using the Password you select below (e.g. such as to change the description or remove the item before the expiry date.)
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